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Special Issues Highlight Communication Studies from African Perspectives

This episode addresses two new special issues of NCA’s Review of Communication that focus on the Communication discipline’s lack of attention to scholarship by African scholars, from African perspectives, and about Africa. Special issue editors and Communication professors Godfried A. Asante and Jenna N. Hanchey join the podcast.

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Where Can We Locate Intercultural Communication in Our Lives?

Reynolds Sandbox reporter Kennedy Vincent sits down with Dr. Jenna Hanchey over Zoom to discuss Intercultural Communication.

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Future Visions of Confronting Racism

The second episode of the second season of Thought on Tap addressed “Confronting Racism” at Laughing Planet. The discussion was facilitated by Stephen Pasqualina and featured the following guests: Ayanna Releford, Gariela Ortiz Flores, Jenna Hanchey and José Miguel Pulido León.

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Gender & Sexuality in Africanfuturism

In this panel highlighting the release of Feminist Africa‘s special issue on Africanfuturism at the 3rd Annual Kwame Nkrumah Festival, Godfried Asante & I share about our co-authored essay on Tade Thompson’s Wormwood Trilogy

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Decolonization and Dystopian Literature

In this episode of Severance Radio: A Nevada Reads Book Club, Jenna Hanchey and Erica Vital-Lazare – two scholars who study language – talk about the new voices needed to imagine new worlds.

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Ask the Oracle

For this issue of Ask the Oracle, ORWAC graduate student representatives Kristen D. Herring and Sarah Dweik asked Doctors Bernadette M. Calafell, Shinsuke Eguchi, Karma Chávez, Godfried Asante, and Jenna N. Hanchey “What should be the trajectories of feminist work in the communication discipline at this time?”

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COM 692: Writing Speculative Fiction for Social Justice (ASU)

The limits of our imagination constrain what futures we think are possible – and thus what we work to create. This course asks how we can use speculative fiction to broaden the types of justice we can envision in order to enable resistance to current oppressive structures and build better ways of relating to each other and the world.

COM 760:

This course endeavors to provide a basis in critical theories of communication by connecting foundational theoretical readings outside the discipline with their use in critical/cultural studies of communication.

COM 412: Intercultural Communication (UNR)

This course is designed to encourage students to explore how power dimensions and macro structures frame and shape micro-intercultural communication encounters and contexts..

COM 317:
Organizational Communication

This course centers issues of power, control, and politics in organizations and organizing, focusing on: professional organizations, nonprofit organizations, and social movement organizing.

COM 607: Rhetorical Methods (ASU)

This course introduces and interrogates the role of method in rhetoric, particularly as it relates to structures of coloniality, racism, cisheteronormativity, and ableism. What does it mean to do rhetorical criticism in times of global neoliberal capitalist empire?

COM 422:
Difference and

This course is designed to help us understand how to communicate with people who are different than we are, and to analyze how representations of others in news and media affect how we learn to interact with those groups.

COM 407:
Gender and Communication

Starting with non-Western and non-binary understandings of gender, this course explores how a communicative perspective on gender can help us to interrogate and disrupt intersectional inequality.

COM 275: Racism, Colonialism, and Communication (UNR)

In this course, we will study the development of racism and colonialism as interconnected systems in the United States, in order to understand their manifestations in public life today.


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