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Out Now

Weathering, the Storms of Time

When I finally stole the collar that opened portals in time, something unraveled within me.

Published in The Dire Dark

Love’s Labors, Lost

I was lost after she broke down.

Published in Stupefying Stories

The Afterthought

After naughty and nice, Santa had a third list. It only had one name, and no title. He couldn’t figure out what to do with the belated addition.

Published in Alternative Holidays

What Everyone Assumes About Dragons

“What kind of treasure are you attracted to?”

Published Wyrms: An Anthology of Dragon Drabbles

Collapsing Worlds Hail the Broadest Futures

When Sandra collapsed, so did my world.

Published in Martian Magazine

The Sounds of Space and Silence

Most people spoke to spaceships.

Published in Drabbledark II: An Anthology of Dark Drabbles

The Ocean’s Choice

At age 15, you have to choose.

Published in Maelstroms: 23 Tales of Dark Fantasy and the High Seas

Odin Chronicles – Episode 16: Dreams of Another World

One Saturday night in Weber’s Place, two women nursed drinks on opposite sides of the bar, dreaming.

Originally published in Page & Spine, reprinted in Stupefying Stories

Hello, This is Automatic Antigrief: What Problem Can I Solve For You Today?

Hi. Yes. Well, it’s not a problem, exactly. It’s just that I don’t even know why I do it sometimes.

Published in Nature: Futures

Up the River, Over Mountains, Across the Sea

Soon, too soon, dawn will come and with it the necessity of a choice.

Published in Wyngraf

Were We To Waver, My Love

The lengths we go to for family.

Published in Martian Magazine

Odin Chronicles – Episode 8: A Friend for the Machinist

A lonely inventor searches for connection.

Originally published in Page & Spine, reprinted in Stupefying Stories.

NASA’s Hubble Celebrates 21st Anniversary with “Rose” of Galaxies. Original from NASA.
Copyright Jenna Hanchey, all rights reserved

Like Any Other

Once we raced the void.

Published on the
Apex Patreon

Far From Home

We’re always ready for war.

Published in
Daily Science Fiction, reprinted in the Shacklebound Books newsletter and on the Bullet Points blog


Love Planted in the Night Sky

Truthfully, it started off as a joke. One shared between Gretchen, Annie, TJ, and I around a mess table on the lunar base, drinking in celebration of Gretchen’s daughter’s college graduation. Drinking too heavily, in fact…

To be published in Amazing Stories

Sing the Phoenix to Flame

Once, Tena Na Tena had been certain when she sang. Injustice gathered within her, swirling tighter until it solidified into a beat, lyrics, melody. When it clicked into place, she let it out.

To be published in Little Blue Marble

Our World Between Their Lines

When the strangers arrived on our shores, we knew their magic was powerful. But we didn’t realize it could be so unintentionally wielded.

To be published in Orion’s Belt

Onyx & Snow

There once were two women who worked at the Office. The only two women, both dressing carefully every morning to appear professional, but not off-putting; attractive, but not sexy; and competent, but not aggressive.

To be published in Corvid Queen

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