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The Dream Trainers

Short story forthcoming in Communication and Critical/Cultural Studies

Although Odwina tries, she never seems to satisfy the Trainers at the C.A.R.E. (Center for Africans Realizing Empowerment) facility. Her dream application scenarios never meet their approval. However, when her dreams begin to change reality, she realizes that the Trainers’ approval is not actually what she seeks.

Far From Home

Forthcoming from
Daily Science Fiction

A satire of US readiness for war, coming soon.

Boughs of Holly

Published in
Daily Science Fiction

Clicking here will bring you to 250 words of yuletide eldritch horror!


Short story collection;
Currently in draft

A mad woman pulls down the stars. A ghost just wants to watch television as the world burns. A witch swirls her tea and changes people’s destinies.

Playing with the resonances between falling/failing/lowering and resistance/change/madness, this short story collection examines how descending transforms the world.

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