speculative writings,
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Out Now

The Ocean’s Choice

Published in Shacklebound Books‘ Maelstroms Collection

Odin Chronicles – Episode 16: Dreams of Another World

Published in Page & Spine

Hello, This is Automatic Antigrief: What Problem Can I Solve For You Today?

Published in Nature: Futures

Up the River, Over Mountains, Across the Sea

Published in Wyngraf

Were We To Waver, My Love

Published in Martian Magazine

Odin Chronicles – Episode 8: A Friend for the Machinist

Published in Page & Spine

A lonely inventor searches for connection.

Read the rest of the Odin Chronicles here.

Sing Back the Stars

Published in Page & Spine

Old Friends, Across Galaxies and the Space Between

Published in Stupefying Stories

Like Any Other

Published on the
Apex Patreon

Far From Home

Published in
Daily Science Fiction

We’re always ready for war.

To be reprinted soon in the Shacklebound Books newsletter and Bullet Points blog


Collapsing Worlds Hail the Broadest Futures

To be published in Martian Magazine

When Sandra collapsed, so did my world. Coming soon.

The Sounds of Space and Silence

To be published in Shacklebound Books‘ Drabbledark II Collection

Most people spoke to spaceships. Coming soon.

Different Dragons, Same Wearisome Questions

To be published in Shacklebound Books‘ Wyrms Collection

“What kind of treasure are you attracted to?” Coming soon.

The Weight of Expectation

To be published in Martian Magazine

Sandra sighed, readying a version of herself for the party. Coming soon.

Answers Beyond Garden and Sky

To be published in Tree and Stone

How shall we answer the princess’s question? A thousand butterflies launch in our chest as we hear it, taking flight at her curiosity, gently lifting. Coming soon.

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